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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Mt. Healthy Hatchery 2018 Chick Season

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As many are decking the halls, putting up Christmas trees, shopping and wrapping presents, I am planning for our 2018 Chick Season. Being a step ahead gives me a sense of Peace.
Our main hatchery is Mt. Healthy in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Beginning in late January we will start receiving the first of our day old chicks. Before that can happen, a lot of planning comes into play. For this week’s blog I have condensed Mt. Healthy’s website  of chicken information, down to a simple list of the chickens we order from them each year.  That includes ducks, turkeys, and guineas. In last year’s blog postings, I wrote about each chicken we order. If you are looking for specific information on a chicken, check the archives in 2017.

Mt. Healthy is our main hatchery and our success with them and their chicks has proved to be a good relationship for several years. However, they are not the only hatchery we use. We have also used Privett Hatchery,  and other hatcheries as our back up and for rare or different birds. For this week, I am posting the list of birds available that will be coming into Woodville Ace from January through June of 2018

Mt. Healthy Common Chickens

Amberlinks - Pullets  (females)

After having been away from the US market for several years, she is back by popular demand. Mainly white with some brown feathers, the Amberlink has become a favorite, with her beautiful full brown egg color. Mt Healthy is one of the very few hatcheries in the country to offer this variety.

Barred Plymouth Rocks  (pullets/ females)

This is another old favorite and one that, in true breeding style, delivers big profits. This is one of the oldest and most selected strain of Barred Rocks in the U.S. The Barred Plymouth Rock has held its own because of its great merit as a profitable, practical fowl for every day in the year use.

Black Australorp  (pullets/females)

Is an eye-catching bird. It is black with an intense beetle-green sheen on its feathers. Australorps are very good brown egg layers, in fact one hen still holds the world's record by laying 364 eggs in 365 days under official Australian testing.Black Australorp Chicken (pullets)

Black Sex Links  (pullets/ females)

This valuable chicken is produced by mating an R.I. Red male to a Barred rock female. The pullets are black with a reddish cast and are splendid layers of large brown eggs.

Brown Leghorns  (pullets females)

A spirited, stylish, active bird which is exceedingly hardy. Its activity can even make it somewhat wild. Brown Leghorns are rarely broody and lay an excellent amount of white eggs.

Columbian Rock Cross Chickens  (pullets/females)

Produced by mating a Rhode Island Red female with a Columbian male, this robust, dual-purpose bird is know for its ability to efficiently produce eggs even in the coldest of climates. An excellent layer of cream colored brown eggs with a calm good natured disposition, this cross is a great choice for the family flock. Females are basic white with the traditional Columbian pattern of black laced across the neck and black-trimmed wing tips and tails. Males have different shades of brown mixed throughout their feathering.

Jumbo Cornish Rock Cross  (pullets/females)

Now you can raise your Corn Game hens own Just like in the Supermarket!.The large massive Cornish Cockerels are bred to large broiler type White Rock hens. The cross produces one of the finest quality broiler type chicks that can be found anywhere. They make market weight in 7 weeks. Many of our customers report 4 lb. broilers in 7 to 8 weeks. They give you the desired broad breast, big leg, big thigh, uniform conformation, rich yellow skin, extra fast feathering, real prime broilers. We cannot overemphasize the importance of proper nutrition for your successful results from our Cornish X Rock Cross chicks! The tremendous growth rate makes it absolutely essential to feed a broiler ration to this bird. We recommend a 23% protein starter ration for the first four weeks and a 20% protein grower ration the remainder of the growing period. Because of the rapid weight gain of these chicks, we suggest a vitamin supplement. We offer an excellent product,
Vitamin Stress Pack 4oz. package

Comets  (pullets/females)

The Comet has been widely acclaimed in all areas of the world where brown eggs are preferred. The reason is simple. The Comet pullet is easily one of the finest brown egg layers available today. They mature early and lay eggs of excellent size and quality. She is an extremely quiet bird, that seems to be able to withstand the colder, non-insulated, laying houses of the small flock owner, better than most breeds. The Comet is a buff sex-link strain. The chicks may be sexed by color, pullets red-roosters white. When mature, the  Comet pullet is golden red in color, but has some white showing through in her neck and back.

New Hampshire  (pullets/females) 

For outstanding vigor, size, uniform growth, early maturity, rapid full feathering, heavy egg production and large egg size, these MONEY MAKERS can't be beaten. This fine strain produces large brown eggs with extra good shell texture and has a yellow skinned carcass free from dark pin-feathers.

Production Red Chickens  (pullets/females)

By utilizing crosses between New Hampshire's and Rhode Islands, Production Reds were developed. Their coloring is similar to a Rhode Island but is not as consistent as they vary from dark to light. Production Reds are one of our best producers of large brown eggs.

Red Cross Chickens   (pullets/females)

Crossing a Rhode Island Red male with a Columbian female produces this hardy, quiet and easy to handle hybrid. Females are high producers of rich colored brown eggs, making this cross a great choice for both the family farm and the large commercial laying house. These chicks are easy to sex by color: females are reddish brown while males are mostly white.

Rhode Island Reds  (pullets/females) 

If you are striving for the "Peak" in egg production and still want a heavy bird with good market possibilities, these Reds are for you. A check of national egg laying contest records will reveal the superior egg laying qualities of this breed.

White Leghorn  (pullets/females) 

White Leghorn's "The businessman's bird-all around profit makers." White Leghorn chicks are balanced bred for performance Livability- High production- Superior shell strength and proper egg size- Feed efficiency- Truly an outstanding bird  

White Plymouth Rock  (pullets/females)

Here is a strain of White Rocks that will lay lots of large brown eggs, make wonderful broilers and dandy roasters. Our White Rocks will run larger than average, hens reaching 6 to 7 lbs yet they are one of the best layers of their breed in the country.


Mount Healthy Rare Chickens

Araucanas/Ameraucanas  (Pullets/Females)

Originally from Chile, in South America, they are called the Easter egg fowl. They lay colored eggs: blue, green, pink, and olive drab. These birds vary in size and color, some may have whiskers and others muffs of feathers that cover their ears. Their eggs are reported to have more nutritional value than ordinary eggs.


 Black Giants  (pullets/females) 

These are beautiful birds, and you will find them massive in appearance. They are noted for both good laying ability and good meat characteristics. They lay dark brown eggs, are very docile and easy to work with.

 Buckeye (pullets/females)

They’re named after the “Buckeye State” of Ohio where this breed originated in 1896. Buckeyes have rich yellow skin, with mahogany feathering and black tail. They adjust to confinement well but prefer to range on grass. A good dual purpose producer of brown eggs well suited for small farm yard and back yard flocks. 

 Buff Brahma Chickens  (pullets/females)

These gorgeous birds are a rare variety of Brahmas with beautiful buff feathers edged in black on the neck, wings and tail. They have a rose comb with feathered shanks and toes. Mt Healthy Brahmas are very docile and broody birds, making them excellent mothers.


Buff Orpingtons (pullets/females)

An old time favorite with poultry people for many years. These are a nice quiet breed. They are a beautiful buff color and will lay lots of nice brown eggs.  


Cuckoo Maran (pullets/females)

Know best for their distinctive chocolate brown eggs. The Cuckoo Maran is a rare breed that adapts well to confinement. They resemble a Barred Plymouth Rock except their bars are not as perfect and their colors are not as distinct. Marans lay the darkest eggs of any breed and are a nice dual purpose bird.

Dark Brahma Chickens  (pullets/females) 

Unlike other Brahmas, the color pattern of the Dark Brahma depends on the sex of the bird. Roosters are typically black and silver while hens sport a beautiful silver-penciled plumage. Like all Brahmas, Dark Brahmas have feathered shanks and toes. These brown egg layers have a very calm temperament making them a popular choice for pets.

Golden Laced Wyandotte (pullets/females)

Is one of the most beautiful breeds we offer. Their feather pattern is a combination of rich golden brown laced with greenish black tipped feather. They have rose combs, and are good producers of brown eggs

Light Brahmas (pullets/females) 

Their smooth fitting full plumage is striking, with white edged black feathers in the neck, wings and tail. The heavily feathered shanks and outer toes are another interesting feature. Brahmas are dependable producers of large brown eggs.

Partridge Rock  (pullets/females) 

These are a rare variety of the Plymouth Rock family. Their striking color
patterns make them one of the best varieties for the exhibitor. Known not only to
be a dependable brown egg layer but also very good setters.

Silver Lace Wyandottes  (pullets/females)

These are truly magnificently colored birds. Their silvery white feathers, laced with black make them a most attractive bird in your barn yard. They are heavy producers of large brown eggs.e a dependable brown egg layer but also very good setters


Speckled Sussex  (pullets/females)

This rare and extremely attractive breed originated in Sussex County, beatifulEngland where they became widely known as prolific layers of medium sized brown eggs. When mature their pluma beautiful brownish red with feathers tipped in white. This variety combines beauty and utility which makes them an excellent choice for both your backyard flock as well as a stunning show bird.

Welsummer Chickens  (pullets/females)

This Dutch breed is known for its cold hardy, calm temperament and the production of dark reddish brown eggs. Welsummers are single combed and have very different plumage from male to female making them an unique addition to your flock.

Assorted Bantams

Known as the "Flower Garden" of the poultry world because of their beautiful coloring. They are about 1/4 size of
standard bred chickens and are perfect for pets and exhibition.The assortment is hatchery choice of breeds and may
contain the following
Porcelains, Millefleurs, Golden Seabrights, Silver Seabrights, White Silkies, Red Pyle Old English, Brown
Old English, Silver Duckwing, and Old English.
  You will truly fall in love with these beautiful birds.

Other Poultry we order from Mt. Healthy

Broad Breasted White Turkey
Our broad breasted whites are an extra good compact meat type bird. They dress out well at almost any size, with a pleasantly plump carcass. They are a favorite of many because they look so well when dressed, having no dark pin feathers, and such fine color.

Artisan Gold Turkeys (as hatched only)

This rare black breed of turkey is smaller in size and slower growing. They thrive in a free range environment where it can express natural tendencies such as running and roosting. The Artisan Gold offers a robust, gamey taste that is exotically different from traditional turkeys.

Orlopp Mammoth Bronze Turkeys
Our Bronzes are outstanding examples of this breed. Handsome, colorful birds that attract attention whenever seen. Hens average 18 to 20 lbs. and toms average 30 lbs.

Giant White Pekin Ducks
With proper feed and care our White Pekins will develop to a weight of 7 lb. in 8 weeks

French Guineas

Guineas are fun, easy, and inexpensive to raise. Once started, they are excellent foragers, living on insects, seeds, and grasses. They are super farmyard watchdogs, sounding an alarm anytime anything unusual occurs. They are purplish gray with small white spots and the adults are about two pounds heavier than Pearl Guineas.


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